Mutual Funds & Variable Annuities
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A hundred years ago, the universe of possible investments was so limited that their prices could be published in the morning newspaper.  These days, the investment world is like a giant supermarket, with choices to fit just about any financial objective.  Of course, in this supermarket it’s not easy to spot the potentially rotten eggs.

Mutual funds are considered excellent ways for the beginning investor to get started.  The right fund depends on the investor’s time horizon and risk tolerance, which need to be determined ahead of time.

A more sophisticated investment opportunity is found by looking to variable annuities.  While these can be complicated and are still open to various risks, they also offer unique options for retirement income and other living benefits.

We are in the business of helping investors in all walks of life put their savings to work. I specialize in a variety of investment vehicles, including managed investments such as mutual funds and variable annuities.  The stock market has its ups and downs, but a patient investor who holds securities as a long-term investment, at least five years or more, historically earns a higher rate of return than someone who puts money in a bank savings account.

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Check the background of this investment professional on FINRA’s BrokerCheck